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Urban Art Map'22

Design - Portugal

Name Urban Art Map'22
  • Project Design
  • Client Águeda Town Hall
  • Country Portugal

The best adventures start with a map, and if it's colorful, even better!

To help tourists move around the city of Águeda in search of the colorful art installations, we created an up-to-date map of the city center with illustrations and indispensable information for visitors who want to explore.

This urban art map is also intended to contribute to the planning of people's paths, so as not to create large concentrations in a single street, thus creating several points of interest spread across the most varied areas of the city.

In 2022, is celebrated the 10th anniversary of the iconic Umbrella Sky Project and, therefore, the whole city has decorations alluding to this celebration.

You can find the free printed version at the tourist office or at various shops in the city and the online version below.


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Urban Art Map - Águeda'22
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