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Urban Art Map'16

Design - Portugal

Urban Art Map'16
Urban Art Map'16
Urban Art Map'16
Urban Art Map'16
Name Urban Art Map'16
  • Project Design
  • Client Águeda Town Hall
  • Country Portugal

This is the 2nd edition of Águeda's Urban Art Map

To help tourists walk around the city looking for the colorful art installations, a map of the city center with illustrations and information is indispensable for visitors.

With this map, our aim is to contribute to people's circulation through various areas of the city creating various points of interest that grow from year to year.

In this year the theme chosen for the cover was the representation of the city of umbrellas with the character Mary Poppins that is so associated with this object.

Its distribution is free through the tourist office or in the city's commercial spaces.

The cover is a representation of the umbrellas' city with the character Mary Poppins associated to this object
Umbrella Sky Project - Águeda'16
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