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.Inspired by Mary Poppins

The Umbrella Sky Project

One of our most recognized projects worldwide.
A simple idea that demonstrates the impact these actions can have.

Umbrella Sky Project
Name The Umbrella Sky Project

The motto is Coloring the life, bringing color to the gray spaces of the cities and making those who pass by a smile!

The "Umbrella Sky Project" was born in Águeda in the year of 2012, and is composed of several colorful art installations scattered throughout the city, with the sky of umbrellas that seem to float in the air being the strong element of this project. A simple idea that brings color and protection to public spaces while transporting us into a fantasy world!

This project has been going through several countries and stands out for the involvement it can create with the public, causing a dynamic interaction with social networks.

An open-air museum that produces beautiful and viral images, attracting the attention of bloggers, photographers, and the press. Thus contributing to the increase of tourism and consequently the increase of local commerce. One of the most recent distinctions was given by Architectural Digest magazine that placed the streets decorated with this installation among the most beautiful in the world.

In Águeda, where the project originates, the facilities can be visited every year from the 1st of July until 30th September.

In other cities, the dates and places on the project's social networks are regularly announced.

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Come to the colorful side of life with the Umbrella Sky!