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Umbrella Sky Project - World Travel with Sónia Justo

26 Jan 2022
Umbrella Sky Project - World Travel with Sónia Justo

Umbrella Sky Project, Águeda 2022

The Umbrella Sky Project is a world-renowned project that always raises a lot of curiosity as to where it started, what it was inspired by, what the goal is..

Sónia Justo, blogger and youtuber, invited us to participate in her youtube program "Viagens pelo Mundo com Sónia Justo" to talk about our well-known project.

Catarina Almeida, responsible for Impactplan's Marketing team, clarified all of Sónia's curiosities and also talked about the solidarity project "Vamos Colorir Portugal" that is taking place at national level.

You can see the interview here.

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