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Umbrella Sky Project - Millau'20

Art Installation - France

Umbrella Sky Project - Millau'20
Umbrella Sky Project - Millau'20
Name Umbrella Sky Project - Millau'20
  • Project Art Installation
  • Client La Capelle Shopping Center
  • Country France

"La Capelle" an open-air shopping center that is "dressed" in colors for the summer!

This shopping center in Millau, France, decided to invest in a different decoration for the summer of 2020. It took about 1000 umbrellas to make this decoration.

Impactplan Art Productions traveled to this French city to "transform" the La Capelle shopping center and "paint" it in all its colors.

The Umbrella Sky Project is a worldwide recognized project, and it is a simple installation that changes everything, thus contributing to the increase in visitors and, as a consequence, to the increase in the results of the commercial spaces installed there.

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The Umbrella Sky Project succeeded in the city of Millau!
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