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Umbrella Sky Project - Coral Gables'18

Art Installation - USA

Umbrella Sky Project - Coral Gables'18
Umbrella Sky Project - Coral Gables'18
Umbrella Sky Project - Coral Gables'18
Name Umbrella Sky Project - Coral Gables'18
  • Project Art Installation
  • Client City of Coral Gables
  • Country USA

The colorful umbrellas have arrived in Miami!

1000 colorful umbrellas were used to decorate a truss structure installed at Giralda Plaza, Miami, an open-air mall, which saw its revenues double while the installation remained in the place, thus setting the tone for transforming that location into an open-air art gallery where it is possible from time to time to visit ephemeral exhibitions of various artists.

The "Umbrella Sky Project" was born in Águeda in 2012 and quickly spread throughout the world. The intense and vibrant colors of the umbrellas catch the viewer's eye who gives life to this work and passes the word by capturing and sharing images on social networks.

The motto of this project is to color life, bring color to the gray spaces of the city and tear smiles on those who pass by! A simple and unusual idea that brings life and protection to the public space.

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Because art is for everyone we have transformed one more place into an art gallery!
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