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Umbrella Sky Project - Bourges'20

Art Installation - France

Umbrella Sky Project - Bourges'20
Umbrella Sky Project - Bourges'20
Umbrella Sky Project - Bourges'20
Name Umbrella Sky Project - Bourges'20
  • Project Art Installation
  • Client Bourges Town Hall
  • Country France

In Bourges, the trees came to life overnight!

The city of Bourges, France, received the Umbrella Sky Project, composed of 1500 umbrellas, to celebrate the summer!

The project consists of bringing color and life to the gray spaces of the city, and so it was. The cobblestones that make up the street were painted in different colors and not even the trees nearby escaped!

The Impactplan team brought the city's spaces to life through simple interventions that in the end made all the difference.

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Colorful floor, trees with life and an umbrella sky? Only in Bourges!
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