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Tropicália - Romans-sur-Isère'22

Art Installation - France

Tropicália - Romans-sur-Isère'22
Tropicália - Romans-sur-Isère'22
Tropicália - Romans-sur-Isère'22
Tropicália - Romans-sur-Isère'22
Name Tropicália - Romans-sur-Isère'22
  • Project Art Installation
  • Client Romans-sur-Isère Town Hall
  • Country France

For the third time in the beautiful French city of Romans-sur-Isère!

After being colored by Bubble Sky, it's time for Tropicália to color the city, an installation inspired by the Tropicalista movement that promises to bring life and lots of color to Romans-sur-Isère.

Immerse yourself in the tropical forest made up of thousand of leaves in shades of green, red and pink, with different shapes and materials.

If you visit Marthieu de la Drome and Côte Jacquemart streets, don't forget to take lots of pictures and share them with us on our social media accounts.


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The tropical air of the new forest comes to town!
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