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Tropicalia - Béziers'22

Art Installation - France

Tropicalia - Béziers'22
Tropicalia - Béziers'22
Tropicalia - Béziers'22
Tropicalia - Béziers'22
Name Tropicalia - Béziers'22
  • Project Art Installation
  • Client Béziers Town Hall
  • Country France

For the second time in Béziers!

The summer in this French city will be more tropical and colorful thanks to the colors and movement of our Tropicalia installation. The green color, predominant in our art installations, conveys a sensation of freshness and lightness that reminds us of a tropical forest.

Until the end of September, visit Mairan, du 4 Septembre, Pelisson, Guibal, de la Coquille and Montmorency streets, take pictures and tag us on social media and join the hundreds of smiles we've already gotten from our visitors.


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We collected hundreds of smiles!
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