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Train Station - Águeda'21

Art Installation - Portugal

Train Station - Águeda'21
Train Station - Águeda'21
Train Station - Águeda'21
Train Station - Águeda'21
Name Train Station - Águeda'21
  • Project Art Installation
  • Client Águeda Town Hall
  • Country Portugal

We have lined the Águeda train station with colorful tile murals!

This year, in addition to doing the Umbrella Project art installations, in the various streets of Águeda, we were challenged to color their train station.

The Águeda train station is part of one of the stops on the Vouga line, where the historic steam train called "Vouguinha" still passes by. This train is very well know in this area.

We then decided to choose some symbolic elements of Águeda city, such as Vouguinha, Folk Group and our Umbrella Project.

We created colorful illustrations of these three city icons and transposed them to the tile, creating several murals on the station's walls. Now, all visitors arriving by train to visit and discover the city start their tour with color!


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Águeda train station has become more colorful!
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