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Tons de Primavera - Viseu'19

Art Installation - Portugal

Tons de Primavera - Viseu'19
Tons de Primavera - Viseu'19
Name Tons de Primavera - Viseu'19
  • Project Art Installation
  • Client Viseu Town Hall
  • Country Portugal

"Tons de Primavera" is a wine tourism event that takes place in Viseu, and this edition featured an installation with the same name!

The installation “Tons de Primavera” is inspired by the language used in the communication of the event, which is mostly symbols that represent the city of Viseu and allude to the experience of this festival that celebrates wine, music, joy and the colors of spring!

The symbols were converted into 2D pieces, with 13 different shapes and 6 colors, for a total of 5000 pieces that were used in this installation to place in the central area of ??the venue where the event takes place, creating a beautiful environment that gives shade to that space.

It took approximately 100 hours of manual labor to prepare this 140m2 installation.

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"Tons de Primavera" is an event that celebrates wine, music, joy and the colors of spring!
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