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The Travellight World - Along the colorful streets of Águeda

02 May 2022
The Travellight World - Along the colorful streets of Águeda

The Travellight World, March 30, 2022

Águeda was once the land of Celts, Greeks and Romans, it continues to be a point of support for the paths to Santiago, but today it is known worldwide for the artistic installations that fill its streets with color and fantasy and help the visit to raise the spirit and believe in a happier and more beautiful world.


The artistic installations and murals follow one another through the streets, decorating walls, balconies, steps and even the sky of the city, giving life and filing the whole town with youth.


Each installation is more beautiful than the next: the umbrellas, the swallows, the street benches, the lampposts...

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Gold A'Design Award 2020-2021
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A'Design Award Nomination 2020-2021
A'Design Award Nomination 2020-2021 09 mar 2021