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Snowflakes - Libourne'21

Art Installation - France

Name Snowflakes - Libourne'21
  • Project Art Installation
  • Client Libourne Town Hall
  • Country France

Snowflakes fall from the sky of Libourne!

As usual, the city of Libourne asked us to do an art installation on Gambetta Street. They wanted something unique, never done before, to make an impact on local businesses this holiday season. We accepted the challenge right away!

We've put a long red walkway along the street and we've covered the sky with thousands of snowflakes that light up when it gets dark.. It seems to snow on this street!

This installation makes us want to walk around and visit the shops on this street, buy Christmas gifts and dream of this beautiful and cozy season. And of course, take lots of instagrammable photos!

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A Christmas installation never done before!
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