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Sky Garden - Andorra'22

Art Installation - Andorra

Sky Garden - Andorra'22
Sky Garden - Andorra'22
Sky Garden - Andorra'22
Sky Garden - Andorra'22
Sky Garden - Andorra'22
Sky Garden - Andorra'22
Name Sky Garden - Andorra'22
  • Project Art Installation
  • Client Andorra
  • Country Andorra

We planted an inverted garden in Andorra!

For the first time in Andorra, we debuted with thousands of colorful flowers suspended in the sky, creating an authentic inverted garden. This installations, called Inverted Garden, was made especially for the Spring Festival that takes place from May 13th to 15th and promises a lot of fun around the city.

The installations is available to be visited on Callaueta Street, attracting all visitor to the city, being part of this very colorful and animated weekend.


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A true Spring Festival!
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