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Shiny Rain - Manama'18

Art Installation - Bahrain

Shiny Rain - Manama'18
Shiny Rain - Manama'18
Name Shiny Rain - Manama'18
  • Project Art Installation
  • Client The Ritz-Carlton
  • Country Bahrain

An installation of iridescent ribbons with amazing shine!

In 2018 we return to the Kingdom of Bahrein, this time with the installation of iridescent ribbons which colors change during the hour and the daylight.

At night the lights are on and now the same installation changes and gain a new life.

It's amazing to see this installation live, the colors seem to change by the second and the shines produced by the sun's rays are amazing, which catches the attention of passersby.

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The shine of this installation take us into a true fantasy world!
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