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Suspended Garden - CoimbraShopping'21
Suspended Garden - CoimbraShopping'21 Art Installation
Umbrella Sky Project - Carcassonne'20
Umbrella Sky Project - Carcassonne'20 Art Installation
Tropicália - Charleville-Mézières'20
Tropicália - Charleville-Mézières'20 Art Installation
Pink Bubble Sky - Sanary-sur-Mer'17
Pink Bubble Sky - Sanary-sur-Mer'17 Art Installation
Golden Dots Invasion - Manama'19
Golden Dots Invasion - Manama'19 Art Installation
Bubble Sky - Libourne'20
Bubble Sky - Libourne'20 Art Installation
Color Rain - Saint-Chamond'17
Color Rain - Saint-Chamond'17 Art Installation
Christmas Umbrella Sky Project  - Manama'15
Christmas Umbrella Sky Project - Manama'15 Art Installation
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