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Magic Carpet - Bourges'22

Art Installation - France

Magic Carpet - Bourges'22
Magic Carpet - Bourges'22
Name Magic Carpet - Bourges'22
  • Project Art Installation
  • Client Avaricum Shopping Center
  • Country France

Bourges got color again!

The Avaricum shopping center once again challenged us to create an innovative art installation to color its space and attract more visitors.

We decided to create a magic carpet to transport those who visit the shopping to a more colorful and vibrant world, with more joy, love and fun.

At the same time that this colorful magic carpet fills the skies of the shopping corridors with color, its reflection on the floor also allows you to color it, creating a colorful carpet of reflections. It's a two in one: we color the sky and we color the floor!


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A magic carpet that transports you to a more colorful world!
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