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Jou Jou Travels Blog - The best instagram locations

31 Mar 2022

Jou Jou Travels Blog, Most Beautiful Cities in Europe + The Best Instagram Locations, 2021

Here are 15 of the most beautiful cities in Europe. They are definitely instagrammable so grab your camera and get ready to go!


Only in the summertime (July to September), this undiscovered town in Portugal has a festival with umbrellas and street art covering most the streets. It might be one of the most cheerful and happiest towns I've ever traveled to. I loved wandering the streets full of color and creativity.


On Rua Luís de Camões street, you can find umbrellas of all colors of the rainbow floating in the sky. (...) There is also a street full of balloons in the air and the best time to capture a photo is when the sun is shining. (...) On top of that, there are many beautiful colorful staircases and street art throughout Águeda.


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