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Golden Dots Invasion - Manama'19

Art Installation - Bahrain

Golden Dots Invasion - Manama'19
Golden Dots Invasion - Manama'19
Golden Dots Invasion - Manama'19
Golden Dots Invasion - Manama'19
Name Golden Dots Invasion - Manama'19
  • Project Art Installation
  • Client The Ritz-Carlton Hotel
  • Country Bahrain

Back to Bahrain with a breathtaking art installation!

ImpactPlan returns to Bahrain for another year of Christmas decorations and this year we decided to take things to the next level! The Ritz-Carlton Hotel's entrance / exit corridor turned into a golden tunnel and the hotel guests were impressed with the result.

An installation that transforms any location with this golden invasion. These sets of golden circles that rotate between them in the wind give a completely different perception of the space, instead of being just a place of passage it's transformed into a metaphorical transaction to a more impactful side of life!

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A golden tunnel that makes us dream higher!
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