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Golden Dots Invasion - Manama'19

Art Installation - Bahrain

Golden Dots Invasion - Manama'19
Golden Dots Invasion - Manama'19
Golden Dots Invasion - Manama'19
Golden Dots Invasion - Manama'19
Golden Dots Invasion - Manama'19
Name Golden Dots Invasion - Manama'19
  • Project Art Installation
  • Client The Ritz-Carlton Hotel
  • Country Bahrain

Back to Bahrain with a breathtaking art installation!

The inspiration was the beautiful subjectivity in the legend about the touch of Midas.

The one with the "Midas touch" is the one who has the ability to make something prosper, multiplies profits, turns everything it touches into gold... with this in mind we decided to create a golden tunnel where people enter and do not turn into gold but the environment transforms your state of mind for the better, happier, lighter...

An ephemeral art installation composed by 1.000.000 golden sequins to attract good luck and fortune! To create the tunnel effect were used different size chains from 1 to 6 meters long that move with the wind, shine and create reflections in the surrounding area, depending on the incidence of light. Hidden in the middle of the golden dots, 2880 meters of golden led light curtains light up the night creating a fantasy that involves the viewer day and night!

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A golden tunnel that makes us dream higher!
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