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Gold A'Design Award 2020-2021

05 May 2021
Gold A'Design Award 2020-2021

The gold medal is ours!

The installation "Golden Dots Invasion", made at the Ritz-Carlton Bahrain hotel, in 2019, is the big winner.

Our inspiration for this installation was the subjective beauty of the legend about the Midas touch. The one who has "the touch of Midas" is the one who has the ability to make something prosper, turn everything he touches into gold.

With that in mind we decided to create a tunnel covered by 1.000.000 golden dots that rotate with each other with the wind, giving a completely different perception of space. Hidden in the middle of the golden dots, are 3.000 meters of golden led light curtains that illuminate at night, creating a fantasy world that involves everyone who passes by.

This golden tunnel that makes us dream bigger led us to the nomination for the A'Design Award competition in the category of "Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design". This worlwide design competition aims to give recognition to designers and innovative companies.

After several weeks of evaluating all competitors, the judges of this competition highlighted Impactplan Art Productions as one of the winners of the gold medal in the category mentioned above.

Amoung thousands of competitors from all over the world, in the most varied categories, full of talent and innovative ideas, the judges chose this Portuguese artistic installation. No Portuguese artist has won this award in a long time!

More information about this award here .


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