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Frederico Santos
Luso descent of 35 years, was born near Paris, but is originally from Porto de Mós.
Since childhood, loves to draw and spend the days contemplating objects, images, places, people. He was always attracted to the light above these objects or faces that he tried to reproduce on paper with his pencil.
In 2013, his first child was born and he bought a camera to capture this momentous moment. From then on, there were two new passions that came into his life: being a father and the picture.
Photography came to him and after much work he could finally convey exactly what he saw, but this time on photographic paper. Today he mainly photographs these important moments of life, the meeting of couples, marriage, pregnancy, birth, baptism, family moments. And in addition to seeing the light on the faces of children or grooms, what they love most is to transcribe their smiles and emotions.
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