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France Tour - Pontivy'21

Art Installation - France

France Tour - Pontivy'21
France Tour - Pontivy'21
France Tour - Pontivy'21
France Tour - Pontivy'21
Name France Tour - Pontivy'21
  • Project Art Installation
  • Client Pontivy Town Hall
  • Country France

Pontivy is getting ready to host the France Tour with the help of Impactplan!

From May 19, the mai square in Pontivy will be more colorful and ready to receive the France Tour cyclists.

We created a completely new installations and literally out of the box (or cubes). Several colored cubes were spread across the square as well as suspended in the sky!

The "Place du Martray" will be the ideal place to take pictures, rest and support your favorite cyclists.

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For the first time in the France Tour!
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