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Dots Invasion - Bordeaux'18

Art Installation - France

Dots Invasion - Bordeaux'18
Dots Invasion - Bordeaux'18
Dots Invasion - Bordeaux'18
Name Dots Invasion - Bordeaux'18
  • Project Art Installation
  • Client Promenade Sainte-Catherine
  • Country France

An outdoor mall that gets transformed with this invasion of color.

In the Promenade Sainte-Catherine shopping center in Bordeaux, this installation appears and transforms this open-air location into a point of interest.

These sets of colored dots that spin around each other in the wind give the space a completely different perception, it is no longer just a place of passage but becomes a place where people stop and watch, it is impossible to resist and take a picture!

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A passageway that becomes a metaphorical transaction to a more colorful side of life!
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