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Coloring the city with CIN - Águeda'19

Brand Activation - Portugal

Coloring the city with CIN - Águeda'19
Coloring the city with CIN - Águeda'19
Name Coloring the city with CIN - Águeda'19
  • Project Brand Activation
  • Client CIN
  • Country Portugal

Agitágueda has the support of CIN to make the city more colorful!

Cin is a paint brand renowned for quality, vibrant and long-lasting colors, so it makes perfect sense to associate this brand with the most colorful event of the year: Agitágueda.

We simply decorated, referring only to color, the windows and doors of an old building located in one of the most visited areas of the city of Águeda.

The function is doubly positive because, in addition to coloring the people's lives, it helps to hide the degradation state that the building is in until repairs are made.

A simple action that has a noticeable impact and brand recognition
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