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.Products / Urban Furniture Colorful "Umbrella" Bench
Colorful "Umbrella" Bench 4
Colorful "Umbrella" Bench 0 - Amarelo/Yellow
Colorful "Umbrella" Bench 2 - Branco/White
Colorful "Umbrella" Bench 3 - Laranja/Orange
Colorful "Umbrella" Bench 1 - Azul/Blue
Colorful "Umbrella" Bench 5 - Verde/Green

Colorful "Umbrella" Bench

Urban Furniture - Colorful umbrella shaped bench with the handle. Measures(mm): 1500x1500x450 | Material: Concrete with steel frame | Surface Treatment: Antigraffit / Waterproof / Painted | Weight: 1148kg
1.333,00 €
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It was established in Águeda in 2007 and is made up of Designers, Marketeers, Artists, Curious, Inventors, Dreamers ... To make an impact, uses intense and vibrant colors, unusual objects in unreasonable places, causing immediate comments and reactions and effectively improving public space and people's lives!

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