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Colorful Tiles - Viseu'18

Art Installation - Portugal

Colorful Tiles - Viseu'18
Colorful Tiles - Viseu'18
Name Colorful Tiles - Viseu'18
  • Project Art Installation
  • Client Viseu Town Hall
  • Country Portugal

Typical Viseu tiles have been simplified and reinvented through color.

This project was made for the annual event "Tons de Primavera" that takes place in Viseu at the height of spring.

The sun's rays passing through these colorful and translucent tiles, make their colored shadows paint without ink and give color to those who pass under this installation.

This is an event that brings together hundreds of people and has a lot of music, animation, art and of course, spring tones! This installation offers protection and color to those who pass by.

A sky of typical tiles that were reinvented in the city of Viseu!
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