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Color Rain - Millau'21

Art Installation - France

Color Rain - Millau'21
Color Rain - Millau'21
Color Rain - Millau'21
Color Rain - Millau'21
Name Color Rain - Millau'21
  • Project Art Installation
  • Client La Capelle Shopping Center
  • Country France

Millau liked us so much that we were asked to come back!

For the second year, the La Capelle shopping center, in the French city of Millau, decided to invest in a colorful artistic installation to color the skies of its outdoor corridors.

The installation chosen was Color Rain. Thousands of colored ribbons were hung, creating an authentic feeling of colored rain. It's the only rain we like in summer!

This "rain" also brings joy, good mood and reminds us that after a storm theres is always color!

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Nobody likes rain in summer, unless it's our "Color Rain"!
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