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Color Rain - Béziers'20

Art Installation - France

Color Rain - Béziers'20
Color Rain - Béziers'20
Color Rain - Béziers'20
Name Color Rain - Béziers'20
  • Project Art Installation
  • Client Béziers Town Hall
  • Country France

Color rain in Béziers!

In France, in the city of Béziers, the streets are narrow and picturesque. The city is colorful and art is part of the daily life of the inhabitants.

Through the city streets, "it rains" constantly, but this rain is different! 1300m² of colored ribbons run through these same streets, leaving those who pass by, perplexed by the experience that this installation provides.

The wind interacts with the materials, and the colors and sounds vibrate constantly.

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Béziers is a city full of art, "Color Rain" being one of the art installations to see!
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