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Christmas - Anadia'21

Art Installation - Portugal

Christmas - Anadia'21
Christmas - Anadia'21
Christmas - Anadia'21
Christmas - Anadia'21
Christmas - Anadia'21
Name Christmas - Anadia'21
  • Project Art Installation
  • Client Anadia Town Hall
  • Country Portugal

Anadia is more enlightened!

Anyone visiting Anadia and passing through the Urban Park will soon come across 10 illuminated trees that give the park another light.

The Town Hall facade is filled with lights and snowflakes as is the giant Christmas tree in the square in front. This tree is about 6 meters tall and, together with the facade of the Town Hall, is decorated with about 120 big snowflakes. The treetops in front of the courthouse are also lit with thousands of golden lights.

Júlio Maia street also has art installations made by us. The installation Sparkling Sky is a first for this festive season. When the sun goes down and the lights come on, the sky across the street takes on an intense golden glow that looks like magic!


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The Sparkling Sky makes the street shine!
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