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Bubble Sky - Saint-Nazaire'22

Art Installation - France

Bubble Sky - Saint-Nazaire'22
Bubble Sky - Saint-Nazaire'22
Bubble Sky - Saint-Nazaire'22
Name Bubble Sky - Saint-Nazaire'22
  • Project Art Installation
  • Client Ruban Bleu Shopping Center
  • Country France

Shop under a sky of colorful soap bubbles!

Our debut at the Ruban Bleu shopping center in the French city of Saint-Nazaire was with the art installation Bubble Sky.

We installed almost 2000 colorful balls, which move with the wind, providing a colorful reflection on the floor and walls in the corridor where the art installation is.

We challenged the visitors to choose the word that best defined how the Bubble Sky made them feel... This was the result! Inspired, happy and fun people!

Until the beginning of September, do your shopping at Ruban Bleu in a more colorful way. 


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Going shopping has never been so colorful!
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