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BTL "Bem-vindos à Beira-Baixa" - Lisbon'19

Brand Activation - Portugal

BTL "Bem-vindos à Beira-Baixa" - Lisbon'19
BTL "Bem-vindos à Beira-Baixa" - Lisbon'19
BTL "Bem-vindos à Beira-Baixa" - Lisbon'19
Name BTL "Bem-vindos à Beira-Baixa" - Lisbon'19
  • Project Brand Activation
  • Client CIMBB
  • Country Portugal

Beira Baixa was present at BTL, the most important tourism event in Portugal!

It was at the Lisbon International Fair that BTL took place and there were several pavilions occupied with stands and exhibitions dedicated to tourism. CIMBB had an activation space for the Beira Baixa brand and this is where Impactplan Art Productions comes in.

We designed and produced a scenario 12 meters long, 3 meters wide and high, where the six municipalities that constitute Beira Baixa were represented. This scenario caught the viewer's eye and attracted the most curious, there were moving parts included that dynamized the area.

The environment was designed to take fantastic photos so that visitors could take with them a unique souvenir of Beira Baixa, in this case, an instant photo taken at the time and delivered to the person as a gift.

In the end, many people came to know better the wonders of this region, through a unique experience that promoted the visit to the region.

  • BTL "Bem-vindos à Beira-Baixa" - Lisbon'190
A scenario of 12 meters that promoted the visit to the Beira Baixa region
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