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A'Design Award Nomination 2020-2021

09 Mar 2021
A'Design Award Nomination 2020-2021

A'Design Award 2020-2021 - Category "Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design".

Impactplan Art Productions is nominated for the A'Design 2020-2021 award, in the "Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design" category.

This global design competition aims to give recognition to designers and innovative companies and that is why we were nominated with the installation "Golden Dots Invasion", made in 2019, in Bahrain.

This installation consisted of a corridor covered with golden balls that rotate with each other in the wind, giving a completely different perception of space. The entrance to the Hotel Ritz-Carlton was flooded with light and movement, capable of impacting any visitor.

A golden tunnel that makes us dream higher!

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